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Thursday, September 22

Tony 'n Tina's Wedding

Thursday 9/22 8:00 PM -
Friday 12/30 11:00 PM
host: Chicago Theater Works
where:Chicago Theater Works
1113 W Belmont
Chicago, Il
60657 (map)
price:$75 - $85
contact:call 312-391-0404
The audience participation show that started it all, presenting a hilarious, full wedding experience from the I do’s to the buffet to the bouquet toss. The audience doesn’t just watch but participates directly. As two colorful and madcap Italian-American families come together, everyone in attendance joins in the fun, love, and near disaster as guests of the bride and groom, from the wedding ceremony to the high-energy reception, complete with an Italian-style meal, champagne toast and wedding cake.
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