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We use more than 1,100 criteria to match our 15,000 NYC subscribers with the widest range of social, culinary, cultural & professional events. We are serving another 25,000 subscribers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

The event information that you submit here will also form your event's calendar listing (you can continue editing your listing later). The calendar for each subscriber is personalized and contains only events matching their interests. We email the personalized calendar every Thursday at 2pm (sample).

Listing: We charge between $19 and $99 to list your event in our online and emailed calendars, depending on your event and how much exposure we can offer. At our discretion, we list some events for free. Please let us know with the checkbox at the bottom of this form to let us know should only be interested in our free service.

You can choose to promote your event through an even more effective dedicated email (only your event, with html/graphics, your subject line) at any time. The fee starts at $99 ($49 outside of NYC.) Your event will also be included in our emailed and online calendars for your audience and for an appropriate duration. Tell us about your event through this form or send an email to info@eventme.com. We will quickly get back to you with a proposal, which will include the number of matching subscribers and the criteria used to select them.

No charge for:

  • Detailed performance tracking of your promotion with us or to your own and third-party lists
  • Forwarding & social sharing tool for your invitation
  • Updates of the invitation emails even after they have been sent

Our custom-targeting of each event makes each of our emails highly relevant to our subscribers and preserves our great response rates. We are also whitelisted by major ISPs such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, and AOL and test each message to ensure maximum delivery rates. Review testimonials from our more than 1,300 clients.

There is no obligation until we finalize the promotion with you. Please call us at (862) 308-0266 or send an email to info@eventme.com if you have any questions. You can also email us about your event if you don't want to fill out the form yet.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Easy listing creation with EventBrite ID

Do you already have a listing for your event on EventBrite.com? Simply enter your 11 digit EventBrite ID OR your EventBrite event page link here and submit to have us prefill this form with as much content from EventBrite as possible.

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  • You can include up to seven email and/or web addresses in your listing.
  • These links will appear grouped together near the bottom of your listing (see sample.)
  • If you have, link to galleries of past event pictures. Such pictures can hugely improve the response to your event listing.
  • List links that help your audience access additional information about your event and/or your organization.
  • Don't include links that might distract invitees from becoming attendees.
  • You can also review and edit all your links after your submit.
  • The example in the first row shows you the entries needed for a link to Yahoo!
Example: Yahoo! Example: http://www.yahoo.com

In case you also want us to to promote your event with an exclusive stand-alone invitation email, you can send us any creative per email in reference to this submit.

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Please call us at (862) 308-0266 or send an email to info@eventme.com if you have any questions.