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Friday, April 15

Brazoria County Crawfish Festival

Brazoria County Crawfish Festival relax in the friendly fun of a small town fair, served up big with fresh, spicy crawfish , Cajun and other classic festival fare. Live Bands on 2 stages with Splash Dogs, armadillo races and a World-Class Carnival, provide plenty of rides, thrills and fun for kids of all ages.

Friday 4/15 11:00 AM -
Sunday 4/17 6:00 PM
host: Brazoria County Crawfish Festival LLC
where:MSR Houston
1 Performance Dr
Angelton, TX 77515 (map)
price:$10 Adults, $25 3-Day Pass. FREE 'till 3:00 PM on Friday
rsvp/contact:call 2818022776
Facebook | Facebook | Brazoria County Crawfish Festival | MSR Houston
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