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Event Me cultural, charitable & educational events

We connect you to artistic, cultural and educational events in New York City (NYC) and other US cities.

Below, you see information that organizers can use to describe artistic, cultural, and educational events. We use this information to determine which subscriber would be most interested in and best suited to this event. The organizers will never see any information about you, and we only store information that can be used to match you with events. (For example, we will never ask for your full name.)

Film, music, arts & shows:

Art Festivals
Gallery Openings
Arts & Crafts (Participatory)
Art Museums & Exhibitions
Other Museums & Exhibitions
Book Clubs
Book Signings / Author Events
Political Comedy
Stand-Up & Improv Comedy
Belly Dancing
Acrobatic Shows
Dance Performances / Choreography
Street Fairs
Fashion Shows
Open Air Performances
Theater - Amateur
Theater - Avant Garde
Theater - Major Productions
Magic Shows
Murder Mysteries
Movies - Action / Fighting
Movies - Artistic / Independent
Movies - Comedy
Movies - Drama
Movies - Experimental
Movies - Romantic
Movies - Thriller / Suspense
Quiz & Trivia Events
Religious Gatherings
Underground & Alternative Arts
TV-Show Recordings (Audience)
Other Cultural Events

Educational events:

Bird & Wildlife Watching
City Walks
Historical Tours
Nature Walks
Political Events
Speeches, Lectures & Discussions
Classes & Seminars
Other Intellectual Events

Volunteer & charity events:

Active Fundraising
Attending Charitable Events
Letter-Writing, Petitioning, etc.
Outdoor Activities (e.g. litter clean-ups)
Protesting, Demonstrating, etc.
Social Activities (e.g. nursing home visits)
Other Activism & Charity Activities

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Event Me also matches subscribers with many other types of events. Click on the other links below to learn more about all the options Event Me offers. Or browse a few invitations to past events to get an idea of the diversity of invitations that we send just to those interested in receiving them.

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Food & wine events

Outdoors & trips

Active sports

Other events

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