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Testimonials from more than 800 Event Me clients:

Pamela Tillis (Director of Public Programs), The New School

"...thank you very much again for all of your help! The Paul Auster event was sold out, the Craig Claiborne event was just a hare under sold out capacity and we have over 100 reservations for the Witnesses to History event next week. We really appreciate all of your assistance to help spread the word!"

Amy Vennema, a.v. max

"I just wanted to let you know we had our Jewelry Sample Sale yesterday and I was very very happy with the turnout from your posting!!! We had a huge crowd and raised lots of $$$ for the two charities. We had a lot of new people from your listing and I was very happy with the quality of the women as well. So thank you and I look forward to using your service in the future."

Carmine DiRe, OnSpeedDating.com

"You have great service and are extremely helpful. We look forward to posting more events with you."

Samantha Keen, Vital Switch

"I love this service"

Igor Bass (owner), Dynamic Outdoors

"Very nice, I wouldn't know how to improve your service!"

Mary Catanzaro (owner), POGO Events

"Event Me was such a great marketing tool for my company. Their list was exactly my target audience and tons of people signed up and said they heard of me through Event Me. I absolutely recommend Event Me!"

Attiya Abdulghany (Director of Marketing), Salesconx Inc.

"Thank you so much with helping us get the word out about the event, it was a sweeping success and we're all so pleased. We will definitely be using your services again for our next party."

Michael Stenzler, NexusCafe.com

"Thank you for your excellent service. 20 people bought tickets to our Sushi and Sake event on the very day the email went out. Thanks to this one mailing, I am confident the event will sell out. I definitely plan on using Event Me for advertising future events."

Tracey Stanton, Red Alchemy

"I wanted to thank you for the great service so far. I have 50 people coming this Friday. A great turn out as a result of the Event Me blast. I have recommended you to a few other people I know who arrange events in various cities."

Amber Pollard (Starlight Arcade Assistant Chair), The Junior League of Los Angeles

"The response from the Event Me blast was simply phenomenal. Not only did we reach our anticipated attendance goal but we surpassed it and more importantly we exceeded our fundraising goal. In addition, we received a number of calls from media outlets requesting to do pre and post event coverage. I have no doubt the targeted exposure from Event Me was a big part of our success."

Andre Phillip, NY Advertising

"Wanted to say thanks; the focus group event went very well and working with your company made it super easy to find people willing to participate. I'm glad that EventMe exists and hope to find reason to use it again."

Sharon Beason (President), All About Brooklyn, Inc.

"I wanted to let you know that Event Me added to the success of my Summer Soiree at Equinox; there was an excellent attendance of Event Me clients!"

Judy Boomer (Finance Director), Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre

"I love your system. You guys are very good."

Suparna Bhasin (CEO), Passion into Practice

"Event Me has proven to be one of the best marketing tools I have used to promote my business on or off line. Before finding out about Event Me I had only a handful of people come to my seminars - as a result of my work with you I am seeing up to 40 people and getting quite a bit of business out of it. Event Me has been very professional and great to work with. I highly recommend Event Me to anyone that wants to see their business grow!"

Jason Kessler, Spring

"We were very pleased w/ the turnout. Event me really helped us big time. We will definitely keeping using the service and I'm glad to be a member now myself. "

Kirsten Plonner, RF Binder

"I just wanted to let you know that our event was a success. When people were checking in, I asked our guests where they heard of our event, and quite a few said from your email blast. Thanks again for you help! I look forward to working with you in the future."

David Rubeo, Metropolitan Opera

"We could not be happier. For the next event we have 79 men and 113 women and we are adding more tickets to our allotment. (...) Thanks very much for creating a quality product and personal service."

Joe Pascal (President), Oxonian Society

"Your list is a lot stronger than [a competitor]. We have been impressed by your design, professionalism, and efficiency."

Andrew Bell (Relationship Marketing), US Concepts

"The NYC event has already filled up - thanks to your list!"

Scott Stoogenke, Social Cycles

"Thank you again. We have gotten a great response."

Bridgette Raes, Bridgette Raes Style Group

"The response rate has been incredible. I would say that 95% of people who are attending came from Event Me!!!"

Suzanne Pettit, Psyche's Tears vintage clothing store

"The opening was a success and many people mentioned that they had come because of your e-mail. Thanks so much for making it look so good.... You've got a good thing going - keep it up!"

Colette Thompson, The Real Group

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with the Real Group concert. It was a great success, and we had a great house due, in no small part, to your efforts. I spoke to several people who came as a result of the Event Me email. I even ran into an old colleague whom I had not heard from in about 10 years - who came as a result of your promotion! I will certainly be using your services again, and I will tell everyone about Event Me! Thank you again!"

Michael Momm, Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten

"This is just a short greeting of thanks and praises. Event Me has played an integral role in the growth of my restaurant and bar. Every event you promoted has been a great success! This is a winning combination! Your business service has been prompt and courteous. When customers receive an e-mail from Event Me they know it is going to be a good event that has been carefully chosen by the promoters. In a field of many phony competitors you guys stick out as serious professionals. Thank you for a great service. I am looking forward to many more fun events!"

Alex Roe, Metropolitan Playhouse

"Our event was a great success owing to Event Me! Many new friends were made through the reception, thanks to your invitation, and we had a great party as well. And further, one that covered its own costs.... So I send my sincere and deep thanks for your responsive service. It was truly a pleasure from first contact to last guest."

Margo Drgos (Marketing, Promotions, Publicity), Goodbye Girl Friday

"We wanted to send a note of gratitude for your help in promoting the Silver or Gold launch party. Event Me definitely contributed to its success and we have you to thank for that!"

David Eric Brenner, Hippofilms

"The response on your promotion was excellent! In one day we received about 90 RSVP e-mails. And many of those people are bringing 1, 2, 3, or 4 people. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!... One of our volunteers recommended [a competitor], and had a contact there, so we decided to give them a shot too. They are nowhere near what you provided though. We received many, many more serious responses through you. Thanks again for all your help!"

Kim Watkins (Director of Recruitment & Student Services), Manhattan GMAT

"You do a great job - we're very happy with the results!"

Kimberly McDonald, BeautyNewsNYC.com

"This Event Me thing is working well... I am getting a lot of responses and most say plus one or two and some even say four! Thank you!"

Shanette Barth, The Barth Group

"The event went wonderfully - we broke all past fundraising records and ended up being over sold. The email invitation and promotion were a big help! I look forward to working with you on all of my future events - for Volunteers of America and for my other clients."

Beth Ranney, American Management Association

"We were all pleased with the outcome! Thank you for all your work on the Event Me eblast. We have 6 traceable codes to your promotion (and we can't be sure how many of the 27 internet codes could be yours!) We will definitely be in touch for future events."

Cynda Jones, Do Somethin!

"Thanks for your great work. People really responded to the ad. I definitely look forward to working with you again."

Mila B. Levine, Creative Harmony Group

"Just wanted to let you know that my event was a GREAT SUCCESS. (...) Thank you for your work and for all the advice you gave me. Now that I know that this works, I will definitely use you guys again!"

Maria Galante, Digital Intelligence Group

"Wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the great work you've done! The events are full and we are really glad with the results. Thanks again!"

Laura Balentyne, Balentyne Designs

"I am very pleased with the responses. One of the reasons I chose to use your service is that it's so targeted to consumers who want and will more than likely attend events. It's very affordable and extremely targeted. In my past life I was a market analyst and we worked hard and expended larger amounts of money to reach such a targeted market and it was often difficult to measure our targets response. It's great to see a company utilizing online marketing in such an effective way.

As a subscriber to Event Me, I appreciate the service and I think you have a great product. I've been telling my friends and getting them to sign up."

Dan Gauss, National Institute

"Just to let you know that things went pretty well. We got 15 people to attend the open house, which is more, probably, than we've ever had."

Susan Cimperman, Emerging Art

"I want you to know that from the Event Me ad we had close to 350 people RSVP. It is unbelievable. I will only advertise with you guys for the future. Can't wait to meet you.......and great job on the design and copy."

Jennifer Muller, Jennifer Muller/The Works

"On behalf of everyone at Jennifer Muller/The Works, I extend our sincerest thanks for your help in promoting our dance company's 30th Anniversary Season at The Joyce Theater through EventMe Invitations We were thrilled to see a nice jump in our numbers following the email blast. [...] We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again soon."

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