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Targeting culinary events

Below, you see profiling criteria that we use to select the subscribers who are very interested in hearing about your particular food, wine or other culinary events.

Different types of events:

BBQs & Picnics
Beer Tastings
Cooking Parties
Dinner Parties
Food Tastings
Liquor Tastings
Smoking Events
Upscale Dining Events
Upscale Wine Tastings & Seminars
Wine Tasting Parties
Coffee & Tea Gatherings

Preferred cuisines:

Italian / Mediterranean
Other European
Latin American
Soul / Southern
BBQ / Meat
Fish & Other Seafood
Fast Food
Health Food

Dietary preferences & restrictions

Low Carb
Low Fat
Low Sodium
Organic Food
Raw Food
Whole Foods

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Follow the links below to learn about the many other criteria that we use to select just the right people for your event. Or simply browse a selection of a few invitations to past events to get an idea of the diversity of events we can promote and how much care we take in presenting them to our subscribers.

General fields of interest

Film, music, arts & shows

Outdoor sports, trips & vacations

Indoor, team & motor sports

Other events

Professional events

Recreational events

Event Me can also target your events based on income level, political orientation, and even whether the event is only for parents and their children.